July 06 2022 14:51:25
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Facebook Fun
Facebook Fun

90% of all people this Editor know by now are completely and utterly addicted to Facebook, the rest don't have an internet connection:-)

Having most our lives on display for our friends and network to see, there's nothing left unsaid or unwritten. There's a constant bombardment of Facebook apps of variating quality, and as most people would have already noticed a lot of them are cleverly hidden commercials for a brand.

A good friend showed me that Intel has done the same, but in a tasteful and definitely interesting way for one self to use. A complete gallery of your Facebook life:


Personally, i think it's awesome!

What extraordinary nice apps have you found? Please sign up, and share them in the forum


LoveMyMalta wishes you a wonderful weekend;-)

scalett on October 23 2014 11:05:22

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